Safari | God Wants Me to Obey!

Monthly Focus: God Wants Me to Obey!
Bible Story: Noah and the Ark | Genesis 6-9
Weekend Activity: Two By Two snack

Plan to serve a Noah’s ark snack this week. Grab some animal crackers and your toddler’s Noah’s ark snack mat. Say, “Noah obeyed God and built an ark. What was on the ark?” (animals) Place the snack mat in front of your toddler and put some animal crackers on their mat. Say, “Lots and lots of animals were on the ark!” As your toddler eats their snack, call out different animals for toddlers to find (ex. Where is a horse? Does anyone have a horse?) and animal sounds for toddlers to make. Say, “Noah obeyed God. We can obey, too!”

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