Safari :: Week of April 7

MONTHLY FOCUS: Jesus is alive.
BIBLE VERSE: “He has risen.” Mark 16:6b (NIV)
BIBLE STORY: Jesus is Alive | Matthew 26-28

Celebrate Jesus is alive with your toddler with bubbles! Say, “Come celebrate and pop some bubbles with me! While we pop them, let’s say, ‘Jesus is alive!’”  Encourage your toddler to say, “Jesus is alive,” while popping bubbles.

Other phrases to say while popping bubbles:

  • Jesus loves me.
  • Jesus died on the cross for me.
  • Jesus rose from the dead.
  • Jesus is awesome!

Continue as long as your toddler is interested. At the end of the activity say, “Perfect! I love the way you celebrated the fact that Jesus is alive. He died on the cross for us, but He didn’t stay dead. He is alive! Who is alive?” Encourage your toddler to say,  “Jesus is alive!”