Safari :: Week of August 11

MONTHLY FOCUS: I can go God’s way.
MEMORY VERSE: “Teach me Your way, O Lord.” Psalm 27:11a (NASB)
BIBLE STORY: Jonah and the Big Fish I Jonah 1:1 – 3:10

Play a fun game with your toddler to help them remember that we can go God’s way!

Say, “Listen closely to my instructions and follow me!” Lead your toddler to different locations around the house, instructing them to either walk, hop, tiptoe, march, or twirl each time. After you arrive at each location, encourage your toddler to say, “I can go God’s way!”

After the activity, say, “You did a great job going the right way! God’s way is always the right way and He wants us to follow Him! Who can go God’s way?” Encourage your toddler to say, “I can go God’s way!”