Safari :: Week of August 26

MONTHLY FOCUS: God made everything wonderful.
VERSE FOCUS: “You have done great and wonderful things.” 2 Samuel 7:23 (NIRV)
BIBLE STORY: The Beginning | Genesis 1

Sing this song with your toddler as a reminder that God made everything wonderful. Sing to the tune of Old MacDonald Had A Farm.

God made everything in this world
Yes, yes, yes, He did!
And in this world He made some trees
Yes, yes, yes, He did!
With a sway, sway here, and a sway, sway there.
Here a sway, there a sway,
Everywhere a sway, sway.
God made everything in this world,
Yes, yes, yes, He did!

Continue with different things God made. Let your toddler suggest ideas and come up with a movement for each suggestion.


  • Trees: sway arms back and forth like tree branches and say “sway, sway”
  • Fish: move arms like fins swimming in the ocean and make fish lips
  • Friends: hug the people around you