Safari – Week of December 17 #Safari

MONTHLY FOCUS: Jesus is God’s son.
VERSE FOCUS: “I bring you good news of great joy.” Luke 2:10 (NLV)
BIBLE STORY: Baby Jesus is Born I Luke 2:1-7

Animal Hop [Game Activity]

On the night baby Jesus was born there were many animals in a stable with Mary and Joseph. This week we played a game to learn some of the animals that were there when baby Jesus was born.

We looked around the room to find pictures of different animals in the stable with Jesus. Some of the animals included a cow, sheep, donkey, and horse. Once we found an animal that was with Jesus, we moved like the animal. (Example crawl, hop, skip, walk) After moving like each animal we said, “Jesus is God’s son.”

Play this game with you toddler to help reinforce that Jesus is God’s son.