Safari :: Week of December 9

MONTHLY FOCUS: God gave us Jesus.
MEMORY VERSE: “God have given a Son to us.” Isaiah 9:6 (NCV)
BIBLE STORY: Baby Jesus is Born | Luke 2:1-7

Play “The Animal Chant” game at home with your toddler to remember God gave us Jesus.

Say, “Jesus was born in a stable where animals lived. A stable is like a barn. Lots of animals like sheep, cows, kittens, and horses lived in the stable. Let’s pretend to be animals while we say a fun chant.”

Say the first line and encourage your toddler to answer the question.

Adult: “Who gave us Jesus?”
Toddler: “God gave us Jesus!”

Adult: “Where was Jesus born?”
Toddler: “Jesus was born in a stable!”

Adult: “What animal lives in a stable?”
Toddler: “Sheep live in a stable!”

Adult: “Let’s pretend to be sheep!”
Toddler: “Baa Baa” like sheep.

Adult: “You are an awesome sheep! Now let’s pretend to be a cow.”
Toddler: “Moo Moo” like a cow.

Continue this activity pretending to be chickens, kittens, or horses. Continue as long as your toddler is interested, using any animal your toddler says.