Safari :: Week of February 17

MONTHLY FOCUS: Jesus loves everyone.
BIBLE VERSE: “Love each other as I have loved you.” John 15:12 (NIV)
BIBLE STORY: Jesus Loves Zaccheus | Luke 19:1-10

This week during the worship experience we played a game to remind us that Jesus loves everyone.

Say, “Let’s play a game together. We are going to pretend you, (your toddler’s name) is a man named Zacchaeus. He is a man we learn about in the Bible. Zacchaeus climbed up a tree so he could see Jesus when He came to town. Instead of climbing a tree, thought, you’ll choose a spot to hide. I will close my eyes while you choose a spot and then I will find you!”

Count to 10 as (your toddler’s name) hides. When you find “Zacchaeus,” say, “Who loved Zacchaeus?” Encourage your toddler to say, “Jesus loved Zacchaeus.” Say, “Who loves everyone?” Encourage your toddler to say, “Jesus loves everyone!”