Safari :: Week of January 18

WE’RE LEARNING… Jesus can do anything.
MEMORY VERSE: “I know that you can do anything.” Job 42:2a (NLT)
BIBLE STORY: Feeding 5,000 I Mark 6:31-44

This weekend, we played a fun game to help us remember that Jesus can do anything. Play this game with your toddler this week to help them think about how nothing is too hard for Jesus — He can do anything!

Read each of the challenges from the list below, and encourage your child to try each challenge.  

Ask, “Can you…

  • Put your shoes on with one hand?”
  • Balance a ball or toy on one finger?”
  • Do 10 jumping jacks in one second?”
  • Stand on one foot for one minute?”
  • Jump high enough to touch the ceiling?”
  • Run around our entire home in less than one second?”
  • Spin in a circle for five minutes without falling down?”
  • Balance on one foot for the rest of the day?”

Continue the activity, choosing a different challenge each time. After the activity, say, “Those might have been too hard for you, but nothing is too hard for Jesus! Remember, Jesus is God’s Son, and He can do anything! Who can do anything?” Encourage your toddler to say, “Jesus can do anything!”