Safari :: Week of January 26

WE’RE LEARNING… God helps me.
MEMORY VERSE: “God is my helper.” Psalm 54:4a (CSB)
BIBLE STORY: The Mean Giant I Luke 2:1-7

Play a fun game with your toddler to help them remember God helps us.

As you’re driving in the car or while you’re at home, say ‘I Spy’ and point out different locations, or items, your toddler might be familiar with. For example, you could say the playground, school, church, home, etc. After each location or item ask, “Can God helps us when we’re at (name of location)?” Pause for your toddler to respond. Say, “Yes! God loves you and will always be there to help you. Who helps you?” Encourage your toddler to say, “God helps me!”

Repeat the game, choosing a different location each time.