Safari :: Week of July 29

MONTHLY FOCUS: I can be brave.
VERSE FOCUS: “Be strong and brave, do not be afraid. I am the Lord your God.” Joshua 1:9
BIBLE STORY: Josiah the Young King | 2 Kings 22:1-23:3

This week during the worship experience, we played a game to remind us that we can be brave.

Hold hands with your toddler. Say, “We are going to hold hands and walk around in a circle singing a song. During the last line of the song, we are going to fall down to the ground! Start walking in a circle with me, and I’ll teach you the song!” Sing the following to the tune of, “Ring Around the Rosie.”

I can be brave (walk)

That’s how I was made. (walk)

Br-ave, br-ave (walk)

I can be brave! (fall down)

Repeat a few times. Instead of walking, toddlers can skip, jump, or hop. Instead of falling down, toddlers can jump in the air, spin around, or hug a friend. Say, “We can be brave because that is how we were made!”