Safari :: Week of October 21

MONTHLY FOCUS: God can help you.
VERSE FOCUS: “We have the Lord our God to help us.” 2 Chronicles 32:8 (NLT)
BIBLE STORY: David Protects the Sheep | 1 Samuel 17:34-37

This month we are learning, “God can help you.” No matter what situation we are in, we do not need to be afraid, because God can always help us.

This week we used a toy lion and sang a song to remind us that God can help us. Grab a stuffed lion or a picture of a lion, place it between you and your toddler, and sing the following song to the tune of Ring Around the Rosie.

Ring around the lion,
ring around the lion.
Roar, roar,
we all fall down!

The lion grabbed the sheep,
the lion grabbed the sheep.
Roar, roar,
we all fall down!

God helped David save the sheep,
God helped David save the sheep.
Baa, baa,
we all fall down!