Safari :: Week of October 5

WE’RE LEARNING… God can help me be brave.
MEMORY VERSE: “Be strong and brave … my God, is with you.” 1 Chronicles 28:20 (NET)
BIBLE STORY: The Brave Queen I Esther 1-10

This month, we’re learning “God can help me be brave.” When we’re afraid, we can remember that God is with us and He can help us be brave!

We will learn the story, “The Brave Queen,” in Esther 1-10. When one of the king’s helpers wanted to destroy all the Israelites, Queen Esther was scared. She knew her family and all of God’s people were in danger. So, Esther chose to be brave, and she came up with a plan to talk to the king. When she went to the king, he decided to keep all the Israelites safe! Esther’s story teaches us that when we’re afraid, we can choose to be brave. 

We made a Bible Story Meal Time Mat to help us remember that God can help us be brave. Place the Bible Story Meal Time Mat at the table where your toddler eats. Before each meal, point to the placemat and review the Bible story with your toddler:

  • Who do you see in the picture? (Esther, the king, Haman)
  • When Esther’s family and friends were in danger, she was afraid. Even though she was scared, did Esther choose to be brave and talk to the king? (yes)
  • Can God help you be brave, too? (yes) 

Say, “That’s right! When we’re scared, we can choose to be brave, too. God is with us, and He will help us be brave! Who can help you be brave?” Encourage toddlers to say, “God can help me be brave!”