Safari :: Week of October 8

MONTHLY FOCUS: God’s Rules are Good
VERSE FOCUS: “If you love me, you will obey my commands.” John 14:15 (NCV)
BIBLE STORY: Ten Rules I Exodus 19-20

God loves us so much and wants the best for us. In the Bible story of The Ten Commandments we learn about 10 rules that God gave to Moses. These ten rules are what God wants us to obey to live the best life.

Play this game with your toddler to help your toddler learn, ‘God’s rules are good.’

Is This A God Rule? [Game Activity]

Say to your toddler, “Let’s play a game. I am going to name some rules and you tell me if they are a good rule or not by saying yes or no.”

Name some of the ten commandments and other rules your toddler needs to follow.

You should listen to your mommy and daddy. (YES)
You should share your toys. (YES)
You should run in the street. (NO)
You should say mean things about your friends and family. (NO)
You should love God the most. (YES)
You should always say things that are true. (YES)

Say, “God gave rules to Moses for him to follow and for us to follow, too! God wants us to follow the rules so we can live a happy life.”