Seven-Mile Miracle Family Activity :: Mile #4

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Mile #4: Abandonment

Jesus died so you never have to be alone. God is always with you. 

Family Activity: Everyone feels lonely sometimes. In the Bible, two men named Paul and Silas got thrown in jail for preaching about Jesus, and it would have been easy to feel sad and alone in prison. But instead of being lonely Acts 16:25 says they were “praying and singing hymns to God.”

Singing to God when we feel lonely cheers us up and remind us God is always with us. While in the car, on your way to school or a practice, crank up your favorite Elevation Worship song and rock out in the car with your family! What words in the song are you favorite? What do they mean?

Share: Post a video of your jam session and dance party with your favorite worship song lyrics. Use the hashtag #sevenmilemiracle and tag @elevationeKidz.