Seven-Mile Miracle Family Activity :: Mile #5

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Mile #5: Distress

Jesus experienced pain and distress on the cross because he knew God had a plan. You can trust God to have a plan for your life, too. 

Family Activity: When you feel worried, small, or afraid, that is called distress. Everyone feels that way sometimes. Tonight, pick a movie to watch with your family, pop some popcorn, and look for all the times the hero of the movie feels distressed. After the movie discuss these questions:

  • Who was afraid? What was the hero afraid of?
  • What makes you feel afraid or worried?
  • What made the hero feel better?
  • How can you trust God when you feel distress? 

Post a picture of your movie night and one way you can trust God. Use the hashtag #sevenmilemiracle and tag @elevationeKidz.