Squirt Them With Love

This month in Motion (1st – 5th grade) we’ve been learning about honor – acknowledging the value of others. In Newman’s Excellent Dodgeball Adventure, we’ve been following Newman and his dodgeball team, The Newmanators, as they learn about honor and respect from their fearless leader, Coach Tex.

In episode 3 the Newmanators learn a valuable lesson about hard work and dedication. Check it out!

The Newmanators learned that honoring means listening and showing respect to those in authority. By honoring Coach Tex they are honoring God. They’re also one step closer to defeating the Dodgestars!

This past weekend, Pastor Steven had a special video about honor for Motion.  He also honored one Motion family at each Elevation location with the “Ultimate Family Sports Pack!”  Check out his special message below:

We wanted to squirt a little love your way by giving away one “Ultimate Family Sports Pack” on the blog!  From sports equipment to water games, it’s everything your family needs to make this summer a hit!

There are three easy ways to enter your family:

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  3. Post a comment here on the blog – tell us your favorite thing to do in the summer with your family.

The contest ends Saturday, May 26, at 6pm.

To increase your family’s odds of winning, do all three! We will announce the winning family here on the blog on May 27.