Sticks & Stones @eKidz | Week 4 #Motion

January Memory Verse: I Samuel 16:7b, “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

Series Virtue: Audacious Faith – believing God for the impossible and doing something about it.

Bible Story: David Refuses Saul’s Armor | I Samuel 17:33-43

Main Point: Know your strengths.

In Motion this weekend, we learned the “weapon” of knowing your strength. We looked at the part of David’s story where he tried out Saul’s armor and sword but ended up choosing his sling and staff instead. Mr. Frank elaborated on this concept and introduced another weapon of the week in this video:

David knew his strength and best advantage were found by using his sling. Even though those around him thought he should use Saul’s armor and sword, David stayed focused on his strengths and left the rest up to God. Similarly, we each need to know our own strengths and have the confidence to operate in those while still putting our faith in God. Talk with your family this week about each of your strengths.

Finally, here’s this week’s Sticks vs Stones video, as the teams continue to slingshot their team members in an effort to take down The Dreaded Goliath Monkey!