Sunny The Cloud | Week 10 #Quest

Bible Story: Noah Obeyed God | Genesis 6:9-9:17
Main Point: I Will Obey!
Memory Verse: “This is love for God: to keep his commands.” 1 John 5:3a (NIV)

eKidz_Quest_STCL_MainGraphicLesson Overview

It was a special weekend in Quest! Our sails aboard the Two By Two are over but we celebrated all we learned on the TWO BY TWO FUN-A-ROO! Aunt Jessie and the crew wanted to let all the passengers and Quest children celebrate by playing fun games and thanking God for teaching us about the life of Noah. Even our friend Green Gorilla joined the celebration and played a fun cloud game with us!

After our game with Green Gorilla we heard our daily Bible story. Quest children heard about Noah obeying God. God told Noah to build a boat and Noah obeyed. When God told Noah to bring two of every animal on the boat, Noah obeyed, too. Just like Noah obeyed God, Quest children learned “I Will Obey!” from our Bible story.

Memory Verse

Quest children worked hard to learn a special verse from the Bible throughout our Sunny The Cloud series. Keep working on this verse at home so your child can keep this truth close to his or her heart!

This is love (cross arms over chest)
for God: (point up)
to keep (point to head)
his commands. (two thumbs up)
1 John 5:3a (NIV)