Sunny The Cloud | Week 2 #Quest

Bible Story: God’s Instructions to Noah | Genesis 6:11-22
Main Point: “I Will Follow Instructions!”
Memory Verse: “This is love for God: to keep his commands.” 1 John 5:3a (NIV)

Lesson Overview

This weekend, we traveled up, up, up with our friend Sunny the Cloud and even spotted a Quest animal floating high in the sky, too! Children helped Sunny spy Pink Pig up in the clouds. Pink Pig likes to lay in the mud, look up at the sky and find shapes in the clouds, and this weekend we helped Pink Pig find watermelon, train, and ear clouds in the sky!

After our fun cloud game, we saw the Two by Two cruise ship passing by below and when we looked down to see what was happening on the upper deck of the ship, we saw our friends Sydney, Shelby, and Aunt Jessie. Aunt Jessie was showing Sydney and Shelby the big orange button on the cruise ship, which is the button which should only be pressed when someone falls overboard. Aunt Jessie told Sydney and Shelby to follow her instructions and press the button only if they saw someone fall overboard. But, Sydney and Shelby did not follow instructions and pressed the big orange button twice! Aunt Jessie was upset with both of them, and thought it best for them to head to the Two by Two theater and watch the Bible story.

We heard about when God first created the world. During this time, all the people were doing mean and evil things. God didn’t like this, so he wanted to flood the world. But God loved one man and wanted to save him, and his name was Noah. God told Noah to build an ark, gave Noah instructions on how to build the ark, and told Noah what to build the ark with. God also told Noah to put two of every kind of animal on the boat, too! Noah followed God’s instructions and did everything God had told him to do. Along with Shelby and Sydney, children learned “I Will Follow Instructions!” from our Bible story.

Sunny’s Friends


Sunny the Cloud has so much fun up in the sky so high with his Quest animal friends. Each weekend we will meet a different Quest animal up high in the sky and each weekend children can collect these special Quest animal clouds. Any child who collects six of the nine Quest animal clouds and brings their Sunny the Cloud poster August 16 or 17 will receive a Sunny the Cloud Memory Game!

This weekend we met Sunny’s friend, the Pink Pig. CLICK HERE to download the Pink Pig cloud.

Memory Verse

Our memory verse during Sunny the Cloud teaches children to show God we love Him by doing what He says. Children will have the opportunity to say the memory verse every weekend of the series for a Sunny pop! Work with your child to learn this verse by using the hand motions below:

This is love (cross arms over chest)
for God: (point up)
to keep (point to head)
his commands. (two thumbs up)
1 John 5:3a (NIV)