Talking To Your Kids Is Hard: Start Here

Just the other day I was taking a four hour trip with my boys (ages 10 & 6). Within the first 20 minutes of the trip I was completely out of things to talk about. After an hour or so of silence (the boys were playing video games), I remembered Larry Brey  (@lbrey) telling me about an activity that helped him learn from Pastor Steven. We took the idea and turned it into a game.

It’s called What would you do?

There’s nothing to purchase and nothing to read. It’s all about creative questions (some fun and some serious).

Start by asking something like, what would you do if a lizard the size of a cat was sitting on your bed when you woke up this morning? (fun!)

What would you do if you went to the mailbox by yourself and a stranger walked up and started talking to you?



What would you do if someone at school gave you something that he said was like candy and makes you feel funny?

What would you do if you dove into the swimming pool and your bathing suit came off? (fun!)

I hope that you will have fun and discover things that you need to teach your kids.

Frank Bealer (Family Pastor)