The Amoeba Challenge

What is an amoeba? An amoeba is a term generally used to describe a single celled eukaryotic organism that has no definite shape and that moves by means of pseudopodia…huh? Ok, so that’s not the kind of amoeba I’m referring to. Amoeba is one of the high-energy games that your child will be playing in Motion Large Group during the month of October. Each week your child participates in an exciting and challenging game that drives home the virtue they are currently learning about in eKidz. Beginning on October 29th we will dive into a new series about Creativity, using your imagination to do something unique!

We recently “tested” out the Amoeba Challenge. Check it out below.  Now you may notice that the “kids” playing this game look a lot like adults – that’s because our staff and interns were doing some product testing to make sure that the game was going to be fun.   It was!

Large Group Games, just one-way eKidz is making learning about Jesus fun!