The Animal Adventurers | Week 1 #Quest

Bible Story: Ruth 1-4 | Ruth and Naomi
Main Point: Teammates Love!
Memory Verse: “Two people, are better than one. They can help each other in everything they do.” Ecclesiastes 4:9 (NIrV)

eKidz_Quest_TAAD_MainGraphic-01Lesson Overview

Join the Animal Adventurers Troop 49 as they explore the great outdoors on their quest to earn all six Animal Adventurer badges. We’ll build a fire, hike a mountain, and even make yummy s’mores! Through Troop Master Mickey’s training and from stories in the Bible, Troop 49 will learn how working together as a team is better than working alone.

This weekend after Troop Master Mickey challenged Troop 49 to build a fire, Carter suggested the troops split up in the woods to find firewood. Each troop member didn’t find any firewood and were upset Carter suggested they split up in the first place. Troop Master Mickey stepped in to make sure Troop 49 remembered a special part of the Scout Code: I will love! Troop Master Mickey had his friend Marty the Moose teach children and Troop 49 about two people in the Bible who showed love to one another – Ruth and Naomi. Once Troop 49 heard how Ruth showed love to Naomi in our Bible story, they learned “Teammates Love!” All of the troops in Troop 49 learned they should be great teammates and show love!

Troop 49

During The Animal Adventurers series, Quest children will become part of Troop 49! Each week children attend Quest, they will earn Quest animal badges alongside their Troop 49 friends Barry, Stacey, Carter, and Deena! This weekend children earned the first Animal Adventurer bade – the Red Rabbit badge – by learning how to be great teammates by showing love while working together to build a fire!


Download this week’s Troop 49 Adventure Guide for coloring pages and eKidz at Home activities to complete with your child.

Memory Verse

Our memory verse during The Animal Adventurers teaches children working together as a team is better than working alone:

Two people (hold up two fingers)
are better than one. (hold up one finger)
They can help each other (two thumbs up)
in everything they do. (spread arms wide)
Ecclesiastes 4:9 (NIrV)

Join us in helping your child lean this verse. During the last weekend of the series, September 27/28, children can recite our memory verse to earn an Animal Adventurers Troop 49 bandana!