The Black Bear Basketball Toss

All Quest basketball fans were excited this weekend at Animal Adventureland because it was the grand opening of the Black Bear Ball Toss!

Rosie Rider created the Black Bear Ball Toss because she wanted people to practice giving their best while playing games. Rosie Rider knew that not only should we give our best when we are playing sports, such as basketball, but we should also give our best to God!

Rosie Rider knows how important it is to give our best to God, and wants everyone who plays the Black Bear Basketball Toss to remember to give their best, too.


In honor of the opening Black Bear Ball Toss, play “Be a Bear” with your family!




  1. Have your family sit in a circle. Explain that your family will be making one of the following bear motions:
  2. Before beginning the game, practice the bear motions as a group a few times.
  3. Choose one person to be the bear. The bear will determine who is out of the game.
  4. Have everyone close their eyes. With their eyes closed, everyone must do one of the three bear motions. After about 10 seconds, the bear (who is also making one of the three motions) will say, OPEN YOUR EYES.
  5. Anyone who is making the same motion as the bear is out of the game.
  6. Play until one person remains and pick another bear and play again!

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