The Finders: The Game | Parent Pack

During Finders 4: Fool’s Gold Motion, kids will participate in the most exciting trading card challenge yet, The Finders: The Game! Each week during the series kids can collect more trading cards and play The Game to earn prizes.

But The Game isn’t just for Motion kids – we want YOU to join the trading card game excitement, too!

Click below to print out your Parent Pack and game board, then challenge your kid to a best of three match!

NOTE: Find more game rules and instructions are on your kid’s game board.



Instead of printing out your game board – get a limited edition Parent Game Board this weekend from your kid’s Motion team. But hurry – game boards will be gone quick!



Parent Pack | Printing Instructions

  1. Download the parent base pack of card (download both pages – PAGE 1 and PAGE 2) and CLICK HERE to download the November cards.
  2. If possible, print the cards double sided on card stock paper.
  3. Cut the cards apart using the cut lines. There should be no white border around the cards.

Game Board | Printing Instructions

  1. CLICK HERE to download the parent game board.
  2. The game board size is 6×12. Is possible, print on 8.5×14 or 11×14 card stock. You can print on 8.5×11 paper, but your board will not fit with your kid’s game board. Print the game board.
  3. Cut out the game board so there is no white border around the game board.