The Green Gorilla Go Karts

This summer in Quest we are traveling to Animal Adventureland and will learn how to live for God! Each ride at Animal Adventureland was inspired by a story in the Bible and we can’t wait for a new ride to open each week this summer!

The first ride that opened this weekend at the park was the Green Gorilla Go Karts. Rosie Rider, the owner and creator of Animal Adventureland, created the Green Gorilla Go Karts to remind us that not only is it important to obey the traffic rules on the race track, it’s important for us to obey the Bible. We should love our Bible because it helps us to have the most fun!

The Green Gorilla loves to eat bananas. Go bananas with your family this week and play the game Bananas! Visit the Chiquita Bananas website for fun banana snacks the whole family will enjoy!


paper bag, 40 banana cards, 10 gorilla cards


    • Print and cut out the banana and gorilla cards.
    • Have your family sit in a circle. Place the paper bag in the center of the circle and put the banana and gorilla cards inside the bag.
    • Take turns pulling one card from the paper bag.
      • BANANA CARD: If the player does the action on the banana, they get to keep the banana. If the player does not complete the action, the player must put the card back in the paper bag.
      • GORILLA CARD: If the player pulls a gorilla card, the player has to put all their cards back in the paper bag.
    • The goal is to collect the most bananas.
    • Continue playing until all cards are pulled and declare one play the winner!


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