The Kitchen Bink Episode 3

Dom and Maddie Bink have been running around taking orders, cooking food, and trying not to lose the family business while their parents are out of town. Will they be able to keep The Kitchen Bink open?

Maddie wasn’t having very much luck in the cooking department. But she decided to keep trying and doing her best. God changed Peter over time, and He is always changing and growing us. Let’s see what our Family Pastor, Frank Bealer, has to say about Peter.

Peter didn’t have integrity when he denied Jesus – he gave up on doing what was right. But God loves His children no matter what. Even though Peter made a mistake, God used him to do amazing things like performing miracles and building the church.

This month we’ve been having a lot of fun in the kitchen, especially with the gross food you can make in the kitchen. This week, the eKidz directors got together and had to eat a gross recipe made by a fellow staff member. CLICK HERE to see the gross concoctions created and how you and your family can submit your own gross food video.

CLICK HERE for the Motion Weekend-Wrap Up.