The Kitchen Bink Episode 4

During The Kitchen Bink, we have been hanging out with Dom and Maddie Bink, a brother and sister team who have been working hard to run their family’s restaurant while their parents are out of town. They’ve done their best, but everything that could go wrong has: Maddie’s meals keep catching on fire and Dom can’t seem to stop spilling food on the ground or on the customers. Find out what happens in the final episode of The Kitchen Bink.

Maddie was so worried about impressing the food critic, that she wasn’t using the unique gifts God gave her. But in the end, it wasn’t her dad’s recipe, but her own that won the critic over.

As children of God, we have to stay true to who God calls us to be. Learn more about what it means to use the unique gifts God gives from our Family Pastor, Frank Bealer.

When David went to fight Goliath, the King tried to give him armor and a sword. But with his slingshot, he killed Goliath and defeated the Philistines. David chose to use the unique gift God had given him!

This month, we have taken a look at some of the grossest recipes ever created. You can see those here, here, and here. Last week, the eKidz directors got together and had to eat a gross recipe made by a fellow staff member. Then we asked YOU to go home, create a video of you making and eating some gross food, and send it to us. We viewed the entries and selected one of the most disgusting ones. Did your gross recipe win?

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing some of the grossest recipes we could find. If you have tried these gross recipes or have any gross recipes of your own, send us a tweet @eKidz #TheKitchenBink.

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