The Pink Pig Pineapple Express

This summer Quest is spending its vacation at Animal Adventureland. Animal Adventureland was created by Rosie Rider for Quest kids to have the most FUN this summer while learning to live for God!

A new ride at the park opens to riders each week and all the rides are inspired by a Bible story. Rosie Rider created the Pink Pig Pineapple Express to remind us that we are all special, just like our friend Zacchaeus in the Bible. No one is too short to ride this ride because everyone is special to Jesus!

Celebrate the opening of the Pink Pig Pineapple Express with Pig Pass – an easy and fun game your whole family will enjoy. Invite some neighborhood friends over for even more fun!



pig (pink balloon), sharpie marker

*Before playing the game, draw a pig face
on the balloon with the Sharpie marker.



  1. Have your family sit or stand in a circle.
  2. Give one family member the pig.
  3. Pass the pig from one family member to the next as fast as possible. After the pig has been passed to several family members, say OINK OINK. The family member holding the pig will be out and have to sit in the pig pen (center of the circle).
  4. Play until one family member remains!

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