The Purple Parrot Pirate Ship

We had a swash bucklin’ time on the Purple Parrot Pirate Ship this weekend at Animal Adventureland!

Rosie Rider created the Purple Parrot Pirate Ship because she wanted people to always remember to put God first. The Purple Parrot Pirate Ship goes so high in the sky that it makes people feel they are as high as the Tower of Babel. The Tower of Babel was a very tall tower built by a group of people who didn’t put God first.

God should always be first in our lives: we should pray to him, give to him, and serve him. From our Bible story, we learned we should always put God first!

Review the Bible story and play “Scatter” with your family.




  1. Have your family sit in a circle. Explain that people wanted to build a really tall tower so they would be famous, not so God would be famous. In everything we do, we need to put God first!
  2. Choose one family member to be the caller. Your remaining family members will work together and use the blocks to build a tall tower and see how high they can build the tower before the caller says: SCATTER!
  3. The caller will close his or her eyes and your family will begin building a tower. Every 10-15 seconds, the caller will say: SCATTER, open their eyes, and knock the tower over.
  4. Explain that because the people didn’t put God first, God scattered the people across the earth. We should put God first to show Him we love him and obey him.
  5. Continue for a few more rounds. Extend the game by having individual families take turns and try to build the tallest tower before the caller says: SCATTER.


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