The Science of Serving – Episode 1

It’s February and time for a new virtue this month in Motion!  We are learning all about SERVING, doing something to help others, through our new series The Science of Serving.

Check out Episode 1:

During UpLink, your child’s small group had the opportunity to use the domino concept from Episode 1 and build their own domino train!

After dinner one night this week, have your own family “UpLink” time. As you make the domino train refer back to the Episode 1 video, and talk about how choosing to serve can have a “domino effect.”

As you work, have a family discussion using these questions:

  • What was your favorite part of the Episode 1 domino video?
  • What is the longest domino train you’ve ever built or seen?
  • How can serving one person cause a chain reaction?