The Science of Serving – Episode 3


This weekend in Motion (1st – 5th grade) we read from 1 Samuel 17:12-22 and learned about David as a young boy. David lived a BIG life; from killing the giant Philistine warrior, Goliath, to becoming King, God had great plans for David’s life.

But before killing a giant or becoming a king, David was just a young boy at home. David had older brothers on the front lines of battle. Many times David would need to take them food or supplies. David did what was asked of him. He obeyed his parents and served his brothers.

Watch episode 3 from our current series, The Science of Serving, to learn more about David and what it means to serve at home.

Service is a lifestyle, not a single action, and as we learned from David, service starts at home.

This week, discuss with your family different opportunities to serve at home.  Maybe it’s washing the dishes for your sister because you know she has extra homework, or taking out the trash because your dad has to work late.  What can you and your family do to serve someone at home this week?