The Teal Tiger Tea Cups

Animal Adventureland is full of . . . adventure! Quest kids have been exploring the park and having lots of fun this summer! We continued the fun this weekend by opening another park ride – the Teal Tiger Tea Cups!

Rosie Rider created the Teal Tiger Tea Cups because she wanted to teach people about one of her favorite Bible story characters, Queen Esther!  And since a Queen’s favorite drink is tea, she created a ride that looks just like a tea set! Queen Esther loved God, and God used Queen Esther to help save her people when they were in trouble. Rosie Rider loves it when we help other people, just like Queen Esther helped her people!

In honor of the Teal Tiger Tea Cups, have a tea party with your child or family.

Tea Party Ideas

  • Serve different types of tea and let your child taste each one.
  • Serve sandwiches, cookies, or animal crackers with the tea.
  • Look for non-caffeinated teas, such as herbal or rooibos tea.
  • Turn your dining room into a tea parlor. Put a white table cloth over your dining room table and put fresh flowers on the table. Dress up in your fanciest clothes!
  • Use tea cups and saucers to serve tea or use your child’s play tea set.
  • Make sure to hold your tea cup properly – pinky out!

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