The White Warthog Water Slide

This weekend we twisted, turned, and splashed down the White Warthog Water Slide!

The White Warthog Water Slide is the slippiest and slidiest slide ever created! When you ride the White Warthog Water Slide, you should obey all the rules to stay safe and have the most fun! Rosie Rider created the White Warthog Water Slide because she wanted people to remember to obey, just like Noah obeyed God and built the ark. Rosie wanted people to know we should always obey God when he tells us to do something!

Review the Bible story with your family with this fun (and delicious!) game.


animal crackers in a bag or bowl


  1. Your family will be playing a game of animal cracker charades. Choose one family member to pick an animal cracker from the bag or bowl of animal crackers while the rest of the family closes their eyes. The family member will pick out one animal cracker, look at it, and then eat it.
  2. The family member will “become” the animal eaten and pretend to be the animal while the rest of the family guesses the animal. The family member who guesses the animal correctly gets to go next and pick an animal cracker.
  3. Continue until all family members have been able to pick an animal cracker and act like an animal.
  4. Tell your family they did a good job acting like animals! God told Noah to take two of every animal on the ark and Noah obeyed God.
  5. Pray with your family, thanking God for the Bible story and asking him to help us obey him.

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