This February In eKidz :: What We’re Learning

All people have value because they were created in God’s image. God values us and wants a forever relationship with us. God sent Jesus to make that possible. This month, we’ll learn when we follow God’s example it shows others that they have value, too.

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Candy hearts are such a fun way to show someone you love them, which goes perfectly with what we’re learning in Quest, Jesus loves them! During Jesus’ time on earth, He showed us how He loves us. Jesus loved people no matter what they had done and He forgave them. Jesus’ love for us is the same and that’s what we’re learning all month!

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We’re Learning… Jesus loves me. 
Bible Story: Jesus and the Children ● Luke 18:15-16

This month, we’re learning, “Jesus loves me.” We’ll learn the story, “Jesus and the Children,” in Luke 18:15-17. When people brought their children to see Jesus, the disciples tried to stop them. But Jesus told them to let the children come to Him. Jesus wanted everyone to know that children are important to God, and He loves them so much. Jesus loves us and we are important to Him!

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