This March in Safari :: What We’re Learning

This month, we’re learning, “I can follow Jesus.” We’ll read “Fishermen Follow Jesus” in Matthew 4:18-22 to learn about the time Jesus began to tell people about God and how they can live for Him.

Jesus knew He had a lot of work to do, so He went to find some helpers. When Jesus saw some fishermen in a boat, He called out to them, “Come and follow me,” and right away, they left everything to follow Him. Just like the fishermen, we can follow Jesus, too. Jesus is the BEST leader, and He wants us to follow Him!

This weekend, your toddler made a Bible Story Mealtime Mat to help you remember that we can follow Jesus. Before each meal this week, point to the placemat and review the Bible story with your toddler:

  • Who do you see in the picture? (Jesus, the fishermen)
  • Did the fishermen stay in their boats or did they leave everything to follow Jesus? (they left everything to follow Jesus)
  • Can you follow Jesus? (yes)

Say, “Yes, that’s right! When Jesus asked the fishermen to leave their boats, they left everything they had to follow Him. Jesus wants us to follow Him, too! Who can follow Jesus?” Encourage your toddler to say, “I can follow Jesus!”