This May In eKidz :: What We’re Learning

This month we are learning, that God is strong and faithful, always working in our lives. We might get knocked down from time to time, but when we put our trust in God, we find the strength we need to get back up again. Jesus showed us how to face life with resilience. No matter what happened, Jesus relied on God to help Him accomplish the mission set before Him. Because of Jesus, we can trust God no matter what. We can bounce back from whatever knocks us down and complete the mission God has for us.

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Scavenger hunts are super fun, especially when they make us more curious about the world around us. Why are ladybugs red? Why are trees so tall? The answer is that God made them that way! This month, we’re learning that God made everything around us, including people. How cool is it that the same God who made everything also made and loves us?

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We’re Learning… Jesus is powerful.
Bible Story: Jesus Calms the Storm ● Matthew 8:23-27

This month we’re learning, “Jesus is powerful” in Matthew 8:23-27. Jesus was on a boat with His disciples when a BIG storm showed up. The disciples were scared, but Jesus knew exactly what to do. He stood up and told the storm to stop, and immediately, the storm was calm! Jesus is more powerful than anything we will face and He is always with us. We don’t have to worry or be afraid, because Jesus is powerful and He can do anything!

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