This November In eKidz :: What We’re Learning

This month we are learning, that God may ask us to take risks or do things we don’t feel prepared to do. But God will always give us the courage to face that challenge. Jesus faced the biggest challenge of all: death on the cross. he chose to be brave and follow God’s plan.

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This month, we’re learning God is good! If we look for it, we’ll see it and we should give thanks to God for it! We can look around and see God’s goodness in His creation, the food we eat, our family, friends, and people who help us. 

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We’re Learning… I can thank God for everything. 
Bible Story: Ten Lepers ● Luke 17:11-19

This month we’re learning, “I can thank God for everything.” We’ll learn the story, “Ten Lepers,” in Luke 17:11-19. As Jesus was traveling, He met 10 lepers who asked Him to heal them. Jesus healed all of them, but only one went back to thank Him. Just like the one man said thank you, we can show God we are thankful, too! We can thank God for everything!

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