This Week in Motion :: God gives us worth.

God gives us worth. ●  2 Timothy 1:9, NLT
As a family, discuss a few questions together after your child watches this week’s Motion episode.

Question #1: What stood out to you the most from today? What’s one thing you learned?

Question #2: What’s one characteristic or other detail about you that you’re glad God made?

Question #3: Read 2 Timothy 1:9, NLT. What do you think the “holy life” God calls people to is all about?

Question #4: How would you describe the word “purpose”?

Question #5: Everyone has value and was created for a purpose, but sometimes people feel like they just don’t matter. What would you say to someone who felt that way?

You have value, and God created you on purpose for a purpose! We live out that purpose by using words and actions that point people to Jesus.

This week, learn Ephesians 2:10 by playing “toss across” with a friend, parent, or sibling. Grab a ball and toss it to each other as you say each word of the verse. Have fun while learning your verse!