This Week in Motion :: God is with you even when you have questions.

Knowing Jesus changes how you see things.
Paul Becomes a Believer ● Acts 9:1-9

As a family, discuss a few questions together after your child watches this week’s Motion episode.

Question #1: What are some things you have learned about Jesus, like who He is and what He cares about?

Question #2: What’s something people might see differently after they learn about Jesus? (e.g., being generous, loving others, kindness, etc.)

Question #3: Let’s read Acts 9:6-8. Jesus changed the way Saul saw things. Someone who follows Jesus sees things differently than someone who doesn’t. Pick two of these things: money, people, sickness, death, creation, happiness, or the Bible. How does someone who follows Jesus see those two things differently than someone who doesn’t follow Him?

Question #4: What are some ways we can get to know Jesus better so we can see things like He does? Who are some people you can talk to about Him?

Read the Bible — by yourself and with others. Try different translations. Set aside a special, quiet time to dive in.
Ask questions to help you understand — who’s the author, who are they writing to, and how does this part of the Bible point you toward Jesus?
Yak — share about what you’re learning and what God is showing you, especially with friends who don’t have a relationship with Jesus or want to learn more about Him.

This week: 

Read: Acts 9:6-8— Write down what this verse means to you!

Ask: According to this verse, someone who follows Jesus sees things differently. List things people who follow Jesus see differently.

Yak: Share what you read with someone. How does this verse help build your faith?