This Week in Motion :: Trust God’s wisdom.

Trust God’s wisdom. ● Proverbs 3:6

As a family, discuss a few questions together after your child watches this week’s Motion episode.

Question #1: Remember those pies Ricky and Jayme walked through on The Loop Show? Some of them were really gross, like a nacho cheese pie and a sardine pie. It probably wouldn’t be a wise decision to eat those! Speaking of wise, what does wisdom mean to you?

Question #2: Read Proverbs 3:6. What do you think it means to seek God’s will in everything you do? How can seeking His will help us learn His wisdom?

Question #3: What does it mean to trust God’s wisdom? What’s one thing you can do this week to trust His wisdom?

eKidz Devotional: Spend time with God this week using the R.A.Y Method! Read. Ask. Yak.

Learn more about how we can trust God’s wisdom: Read Proverbs 2:6.

Read the Bible — by yourself and with others. Try different translations. Set aside a special, quiet time to dive in.

Ask questions to help you understand — who’s the author, who are they writing to, and how does this part of the Bible point me toward Jesus?

Yak and share about what you’re learning and what God is showing you, especially with friends who don’t have a relationship with Jesus or want to learn more about Him.