This Week in Motion :: Use your imagination to honor God.

August Series: When we look outside and see the beautiful world around us, we’re reminded that God is great, powerful, and creative. Jesus used creativity in the way He told parables, performed miracles, and helped His followers understand more about what it means to be part of God’s kingdom. We’re created in God’s image and can solve problems, create art and music, and design skyscrapers high into the sky. When we create, we reflect the image of God to the world around us!

Use your imagination to honor God.
The Tabernacle ● Exodus 25:8-9; 28:1,3; 31:1-11, 35:21,25,34; 39:42-43 

In Exodus, we see what happened as the Israelites built a place where they could gather and worship God. Moses instructed God’s people to build a beautiful tabernacle as a place for God to dwell among them. God equipped all sorts of artists, wood and metal workers, and seamsters to use their creative gifts to worship Him..

God gave us amazing minds that have the potential to do all sorts of creative things — including how we worship Him. We can honor God when we do our best, keep growing in our creative abilities, and use our talents and abilities to love others the way He loves them. 

Engage in everyday moments together this week: 

  • Morning Time: As your kid starts their day, slip a note of encouragement in their school bag or lunch. (And if going to school isn’t a part of your family’s routine right now, put the note in their room or bathroom.)
  • Meal Time: At a meal, have everyone at the table answer this question: “What are some ways you use your imagination when playing or reading?”
  • Drive Time: While on the go, ask your kid: “Describe what you think would be the perfect day. What would you do? Where would you go? What would you eat? Who would you want to spend time with?”
  • Bed Time: Pray for each other: “God, thank You for creating us with imagination. Help us to use our imagination to honor You.”


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