This Week in Motion :: Whatever happens, remember how powerful God is.

Whatever happens, remember how powerful God is. ● John 11:1-45

As a family, discuss a few questions together after your child watches this week’s Motion episode.

Question #1: We’re learning that hope is believing something good can come from something bad. How would you explain hope to someone?

Question #2: Read John 11:21-23. Lazarus had already died by the time Jesus arrived. Do you think Jesus’ timing was perfect? Why or why not?

Question #3: If you had been Mary or Martha, how would you have reacted when Jesus didn’t come as soon as you’d hoped? What do you think Martha and Mary learned about hope after Jesus brought Lazarus back?

Question #4: What does this story tell us about God’s power? How does that give you hope?

eKidz Devotional: Spend time with God this week using the R.A.Y Method! Read. Ask. Yak.

Learn more about how we should help each other: Read Matthew 19:26.

Read: Matthew 19:26 — Write down what the verse means to you!

Ask: Who was Jesus talking to in this passage? How does Jesus’ words help you trust God’s power?

Yak: Tell someone what you read. How have they experienced God’s power?