This Week in Motion :: You have God’s power to help others.

You have God’s power to help others. ●  2 Timothy 1:9, NLT
As a family, discuss a few questions together after your child watches this week’s Motion episode.

Question #1: What stood out to you the most from today? What’s one thing you learned?

Question #2: Read 2 Timothy 1:9, NLT. Name at least one way you can use the unique way God created you to live a holy life that serves others. 

Question #3: Sometimes people want to be like everyone else and worry they won’t fit in if people notice their differences. But God chose to make us all unique. Why do you think He did? What do you think is good about people being different from one another in some ways? 

Question #4: What is something big you’d like to be able to do to help the world?

God gave us all unique traits we can use to help other people, and we can make a big difference when we do that.

This week, learn Ephesians 2:10! Think of ways you can use your skills to help those around you — make a card, bake cookies, or clean the house. You can use the gifts God has given you to help others wherever you are.