This Week In Quest :: Everyone can be friends with Jesus.

Main point: Everyone can be friends with Jesus.
Bible story: The Twelve ● The Gospels 

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • Today we learned about some of Jesus’ friends called the disciples. How many disciples were there? (12)
  • Even though they came from different places and families, were they all friends with Jesus? (yes)
  • Was Jesus a friend to people who were hungry by giving them food or fire? (food)
  • Was Jesus a friend to people who were sick? (yes)
  • Was Jesus a kind and loving friend to children or was He only a friend to adults? (children)
  • Did the disciples follow Jesus? (yes)
  • When Jesus went away, did the disciples tell everyone about Him or just a couple of people? (everyone)
  • Can everyone be friends with Jesus? (yes)

Family Activity: All The People

WHAT YOU NEED: activity pagecrayons or markers, scissors, blocks, and empty toilet paper tubes


  • Before the Activity: Print off the activity pages and give them to your child. Encourage your child to color the pictures. Then tape each person to a toilet paper tube.
  • During the Activity: Help your child use the blocks to build a place (e.g., town, home, etc.) for the people you made using the toilet paper tubes.


  • Before the Activity: “Now we need to build a place where these people can live. What can we build?”
  • After the Activity: “I LOVE what you built! There is room for all the friends we made using the toilet paper tubes. We’ve been learning all month long that everyone can be friends with Jesus and today, we learned about some men who became good, good friends of Jesus. Who can be friends with Jesus?” (Everyone can be friends with Jesus.)