This Week in Quest :: God is powerful.

Main point: God is powerful.
Bible story: God Made Me Genesis 1:26; Psalm 139:14 

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • Who was today’s Bible story about? (God, us)
  • What was today’s Bible story about? (We learned that God made everything we see out of nothing. God even all of us and He made us all unique!)
  • What does this story teach us? (God made everything and He is so powerful!)
  • How do you know that God is powerful? (God made everything out of nothing. He even made all of us, which shows us that He is so powerful!)


Family Activity: Ways to Help

WHAT YOU NEED: paper, markers or crayons, and wall tape 

– Before the Activity: Make a chart on the paper with two columns and several rows.
– During the Activity: Ask your child to share different people they can help and write each name in the first column. Then, ask your child to share ways they can help each person. As they give an answer, write it in the column next to the person’s name.
– After the Activity: 
Tape the chart to the wall or hang it up where your child can see it. 

– Before the Activity: “God is SO powerful that He made each of us, and He made us to help! Let’s think about ways we can help the people around us! I will write your answers on the page.” (Do activity.) 
– After the Activity: Look at all these great ideas! There are SO many ways we can help the people around us. I’m so glad God made each of us to help. He is so powerful! Who is powerful?” (God is powerful.)