This Week in Quest :: God is with me so I can be courageous.

Main point: God is with me so I can be courageous.
Bible story: Rahab and the Spies Joshua 2:1-22; 6:22-25

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • Who was today’s Bible story about? (Rahab, the two spies, Joshua)
  • What was today’s Bible story about? (Joshua, the leader of God’s army, sent two spies to Jericho before they went to battle. A woman named Rahab helped keep the spies hidden and safe. The spies told Rahab to hang a red rope outside her window, and when God’s army came back to the city, they would make sure Rahab and her family were safe. When God’s army came to battle the city of Jericho, they saw the red rope and remembered Rahab!)
  • What does this story teach us? (God is with us, so we can be courageous)
  • How do you know that God can help you be courageous? (God is always with us, and He can help us be courageous — just like He helped Rahab!)

Family Activity: Door Hanger

WHAT YOU NEED: activity page, scissors, glue sticks, crayons or markers, and red craft supplies (e.g., foam pieces, stickers, small pom poms, ribbon, etc.)

– Before the Activity: Print off the activity page and cut along the dotted lines. Then give it to your child.
– During the Activity: Encourage your child to decorate their door hanger.

– Before the Activity: “We’re going to make a cool hanger for your door! It has our memory verse on it. We can hang it on a door just like when Rahab hung the rope in our Bible story.” 
– After the Activity: “Way to go! I love your door hanger! You can look at it every day and remember that God is always with you, so you can be courageous! Who is always with you?” (God is always with me.)