This Week in Quest :: God is with me so l can be wise.

Main point: God is with me so l can be wise.
Bible story: Deborah  Judges 4-5

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • Who was today’s Bible story about? (Deborah)
  • What was today’s Bible story about? (Deborah was a wise leader! When people had questions, they would ask Deborah. She knew God was with her and would help her be wise. God gave her the wisdom to tell the people the right thing to do.)
  • What does this story teach us? (God is with us, so we can be wise.)
  • How do you know that God is with you, and He can help you be wise? (Deborah was wise because God was with her. God will be with us, too! He can help us be wise and make right choices.)

Family Activity: Deborah

WHAT YOU NEED: activity page, crayons or markers, and a pen 

– Before the Activity: Print off the activity page and give it to your child. Place the crayons or markers in the middle of the space. 
– During the Activity: Encourage your child to color their activity page. 
– After the Activity: 
Review the Bible story.

– Before the Activity: “Sometimes we have questions that we don’t have the answer for, so we ask our teachers, a parent, or even a friend. In our story today, we heard about a lady named Deborah who people would go to and get their questions answered.” 
– During the Activity: “Look on your paper. There’s Deborah! (Pause.) Color the picture of Deborah on your page. (Pause.) Deborah was the leader of all God’s people. She was their judge. People would go to her and ask her their big questions. Draw question marks all around the picture of Deborah. (Pause.) Great job.” 
– After the Activity: “Deborah knew that God was with her. She trusted God to help her be wise and tell the people the right thing to do. God can help us be wise, too. Like when you and your friend want to play with the same toy, you can be wise and remember that God wants us to love others by sharing. Or when your little brother knocks over your blocks, you can be wise and use kind words instead of yelling at him. When you see someone get hurt, you can be wise and remember that God wants us to help people. God was with Deborah and helped her be wise. God is always with you, and He will help you be wise and do the right thing, too. Who is always with you?” (God is always with me.)