This Week In Quest :: God keeps His promises.

Main point: God keeps His promises.
Bible story: God’s Promise ● Genesis 8-9:17

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • Who was today’s Bible story about? (God, Noah, Noah’s family)
  • What happened in the Bible story? (While Noah and his family were on the boat, it rained for 40 days. When it stopped and was safe to come out, everyone left the boat along with all the animals. They prayed and thanked God. Then God put a rainbow in the sky and made a promise to never cover the world with water again.)
  • Who made a promise to never cover the world with water again? (God)
  • What did God put in the sky as a reminder of His promise? (a rainbow)
  • Do you think God always keeps His promises? (yes)

Family Activity: Animals on the Ark

WHAT YOU NEED: paper, marker


  • Before the Activity: Write “Animals on the Ark” at the top of the page in large block letters.
  • During the Activity: Read the title at the top of the paper. Encourage your child to name different animals that may have been on the ark. Write each animal’s name in block letters or draw a simple picture of that animal as they name them.
  • After the Activity: Name all of the animals and talk about how putting two of every animal on the ark was part of God’s plan for Noah.


  • During the Activity: “What did God tell Noah to bring on the ark? (Pause.) Yes, animals! Let’s name some of the animals on the ark. (Pause.) I’ll write or draw that on the page. (Write the name or draw the animal.) What’s another animal? (Write or draw the animal.) Tell me another one. (Repeat as long as desired.) This is a great list!” (Name all of the animals on the page.)
  • After the Activity: “God had plans for Noah, and Noah followed God’s plans! And guess what? God has plans for you, too! Who has plans for you? God has plans for me. Who has plans for you?” (God has plans for me.)