This Week In Quest :: God loves me when I’m sad.

Main point: God loves me when I’m sad.
Bible story: Hannah Is Sad ● 1 Samuel 1:2-20

As a family, watch this week’s video and then discuss a few questions together. 

  • Was the woman in our story named Haley or Hannah? (Hannah)
  • Was Hannah sad because she didn’t have a baby or a banana? (a baby)
  • Sometimes, can we feel sad like Hannah? (yes)
  • When Hannah felt sad, who did she talk to? (God)
  • After Hannah talked to God about feeling sad, did she feel better? (yes)
  • Does God love us even when we’re sad? (yes)
  • Who loves you no matter what? (God loves me no matter what.)

Family Activity: Heart Hunt

WHAT YOU NEED: construction paper, scissors, and a marker


  • Before the Activity: Cut out 10 hearts from the construction paper. Use the marker to draw a happy face on one side of each heart, and a sad face on the other side. Hide them around the room.
  • During the Activity: Invite your child to find the hearts with you.


  • Before the Activity:There are 10 hearts hidden all around the room. Let’s find them together!”
  • During the Activity: “Each heart has a sad face on one side and a happy face on the other. Let’s start looking!” (Do activity.)

After the Activity: “Sometimes, just like the hearts, we can feel sad. (Hold up a heart and show your child the sad face.) But when we talk to God about it, like Hannah, we’ll feel better! (Flip the heart to show your child the happy face.) God loves us no matter what, even when we’re sad. Who loves you no matter what?” (God loves me no matter what.)