This Week in Quest :: God made me to do big things anywhere.

Main point: God made me to do big things anywhere.
Bible story: David Protects Sheep ● 1 Samuel 17:34-37

As a family, watch this week’s video and discuss these questions together:

  • “Who was the shepherd in our Bible story?” (David)
  • “When the sheep were asleep, what animal came to sneak up on them?” (a lion)
  • “Was David completely alone out in the field, or was God there to help him?” (God was there to help him.) 
  • “Was David able to save his sheep?” (yes) 
  • “David was able to do big things anywhere, even in the field! Did God make you to do big things anywhere, too?” (yes)

Family Activity: Finding Sheep

WHAT YOU NEED: stuffed animal


  • Before the Activity: Have your child cover their eyes. Hide the stuffed animal somewhere in the room. Then tell your child to open their eyes and encourage them to search for it.
  • During the Activity: Play “hot” and “cold” as your child searches for the stuffed animal. The closer they are to the hidden stuffed animal, say they’re warm, hot, hotter, etc. The farther away they move, say they’re cold, colder, freezing, etc. When they find the stuffed animal, celebrate! Repeat the activity and continue for as long as your child is interested.


  • Before the Activity: “Say hello to our stuffed animal! Just like David’s job was to find the sheep that wandered off and keep them safe, I want you to find our stuffed animal after I hide it! I want you to close your eyes and cover them with your hands while I hide it. (Pause.) NO peeking!” (Hide the stuffed animal.)
  • During the Activity: “Our stuffed animal is hiding. You can open your eyes and search for it!” (Do activity.)
  • After the Activity: “You found it! Great job! Part of David’s BIG job as a shepherd was to find sheep that wandered off and keep them safe from bigger animals. Just like God made David to do big things, God made you to do big things, too! Who made you to do big things?” (God made me to do big things.)